My Obituaries

Below are obituaries for some of my ancestors as reported in the local press of the day. I appreciate that most of the mourners were family members, but many of their friends are also listed and this may be of interest to readers wishing to 'date-stamp' their ancestors.

Apart from capitalising surnames and removing the plethora of full stops after titles and initials, I have made no attempt at altering or expanding on the press reports. However, I may have further knowledge on some of the non-related persons listed if anyone is interested.


Frank LININGTON, Wroxall, IOW, 1926

Mary May Ann LININGTON, Wroxall, IOW, 1930

Amelia Elizabeth LININGTON, Wroxall, IOW, 1934

Captain Henry LININGTON, Wroxall, IOW, 1942

Charles Edmund LININGTON, Wroxall, IOW, 1946

James CHILDS, Ventnor, IOW, 1927

Funeral of Frank LININGTON

At Wroxall, IOW on Thursday, Nov 18, 1926

As reported in a local newspaper

Frank Linington (1832-1926)

DEATH OF MR FRANK LININGTON. - The death took place on Sunday of Mr Frank LININGTON, who was in his 95th year. He was a native of Chale, but had lived at Wroxall for 60 years, where as a builder he was responsible for the erection of many houses in the village. In spite of his great age, Mr LININGTON preserved his mental and physical faculties in a wonderful degree. He was an old Forester, being one of the first members of the local Court and a trustee of the United Methodist Church, in the building of which he took an active part. The family have received widespread expressions of sympathy. That of the Royal Governor of the Isle of Wight was conveyed in the following letter: "Kensington Palace, November 16th. Dear Captain LININGTON, - HRH Princess Beatrice has just heard of the death at a great age of your father, and Her Royal Highness has desired me to write and convey to you the expression of her sympathy in your loss. - Yours sincerely, VICTOR CORKRAN." The funeral on Thursday evoked many expressions of public sympathy and sorrow. The first part of the service was held at the United Methodist Church, the Rev. H TWYFORD officiating. The internment in Wroxall Cemetery was conducted by the Vicar (the Rev. C L ARNOLD). The mourners were Capt Henry LININGTON and Mr C E LININGTON (sons), Messrs Maurice FRY, James LININGTON, John LININGTON, and Harry LININGTON (nephews), Mrs H LININGTON (daughter-in-law), and several of deceased's grandchildren. Members of the local Court of Foresters acting as bearers were Bros. G H KING, V HOWELL, C GRANT, G BARTER, G CHIVERTON, and C HEAL. Bro. G H KING read the Foresters' service. Wreaths were sent by the following: His four remaining children, Charley, Harry, Ernest, and Gerty; his grand-children, John, Annie, Elsie, and Muriel; Francis and Arthur; his loving grand-daughter Clara, and Ernest and great-grand-sons, Norman and Victor; Gerty and family; Gerty, Bert, and family, Gloster; his grand-children, Cis and Sam, Chris and Emily, and Harry and Annie (Southampton), Mar. and Sid (Ventnor), and Don and Alice (France); Madge and Reg. (Bramley, Western Australia); Elsie, Frank, Joan, and Doris, also Uncle Bert; Ernest, Queen, and little Peggy; Maurice and Nellie FRYE (St Heliers, Jersey, CI); Harry and Fanny (Newport); all at Atherfield Farm; Polly; Milly and Louie; Hattie; the Trustees and Members of the Wroxall United Methodist Church; the Rev. and Mrs C ARNOLD; employees of Capt H LININGTON; SPRAKE'S, Chale; Percy BROWN and Gladys; Mr and Mrs Ernest LONG; Mr and Mrs James CORBOULD; Miss and Miss M FORSTER (St Aubyns, Wroxall); Mr and Mrs BUCKNELL.


Funeral of Mary May Ann LININGTON

(nee AMANS, aka Polly)

At Wroxall, IOW on Monday, Jan 27, 1930

As reported in a local newspaper

Mary May Amans Linington (1851-1930)

MUCH REGRET - is felt at the death of Mrs Mary LININGTON, wife of Mr C E Linington of Lucknow House, who passed away on Thursday week in her 79th year. Deceased had suffered for some time with internal trouble, for which she underwent an operation at a Shanklin nursing home. This was successful, but owing to shock at her advanced age she passed away. Deceased was greatly esteemed in the village, and was the oldest member of the branch of the Mothers' Union. The funeral took place at the Parish Church, and the Rev C ARNOLD, MA, late vicar of Wroxall, came from Bournemouth to conduct the service and was assisted by the Rev. P T GLOVER (vicar). Deceased's favourite hymns "On the resurrection morning" and "The day Thou gavest" were sung. Miss HEARN (the organist) played "O rest in the Lord" and the Dead March. The internment took place at the Cemetery. The family mourners were; Mr C E LININGTON (husband), John (son), Frances, Gerty, Elsie, and Muriel (daughters), Messrs W WALKER and A BEAVIS (sons-in-law), Mrs J LININGTON (daughter-in-law), Mrs JACOBS (niece), Capt and Mrs H LININGTON (brother and sister-in-law), Messrs John and James LININGTON (cousins), Miss L BARTON, Mr H KING (Forresters), Capt TEMPLE ELLIS, and Mr G H MANSFIELD. A good number of parishioners also attended. The arrangements were made by Mr P LANE. There were many beautiful floral tributes including: In loving remembrance, from your loving husband Charlie, in loving remembrance of our dear mother, from John, Francis, Gertie, Annie, Elsie and Muriel; Roza and grandchildren Winnie, Eddie, Billie and Dorothy; Bert and grandchildren Nancy and Doreen; Will and grandchild (Billy); Arthur and Joan; Rose, husband and family; in loving memory of Polly from Harry, Millie and Louis; in lasting memory of our dear Polly, from Ernest and family (Toronto, Canada); Nell, Bert, Ted and Ella (Dorchester); Aggie, Jim, and Billie; Clara and Ernest, Ernie and Queen; Maurice and Nelly FRYE; Gus; Rachel THEOBALD; Mr, Mrs and Miss HEARN; Nellie TUCKER; Mrs MANSFIELD and Mr W H LOCKE; Dorothy LOCKE; Mrs S WALLIS; Charles WALCH; Mrs MOULDER; Mrs ASH; and with loving sympathy and in affectionate remembrance of our oldest member, from the Wroxall branch of the Mothers' Union.


Funeral of Amelia Elizabeth LININGTON

(nee BARTON, aka Millie)

At Wroxall, IOW on Monday, Sep 24, 1934

As reported in a local newspaper

Amelia Elizabeth Liningto (1863-1934)



The funeral of Mrs LININGTON took place on Monday, the residents of Wroxall and representatives of societies with which she and her husband, Capt Henry LININGTON T.D., have been actively associated paying singularly sincere and affecting tributes to her memory. The sympathy of the inhabitants was revealed by drawn blinds in most of the houses, signs of mourning were general, and business was practically suspended during the funeral.

The service at St John's Church was crowded, the congregation overflowing into the porch and its precincts. The Vicar (the Rev P T GLOVER) and robed choir met the cortege at the gates and proceeded to the chancel, where the Psalm was chanted and the Vicar impressively read the lesson. The singing of "Lead, kindly light" followed. In a brief address the Vicar said the service on Sunday morning would he in the nature of a memorial service for Mrs LININGTON. They had with them that day the Rev C L ARNOLD, a former vicar, and it was his (Mr GLOVER'S) and Capt LININGTON'S wish that Mr ARNOLD should take part in the service. But Mr ARNOLD assured them he could not do so as he wished to be a fellow worshipper. The Vicar said he need hardly express the universal opinion that Mrs LININGTON was esteemed by everyone. The presence of so large a gathering was significant testimony to the fact that she was widely and highly beloved. It had been his privilege to know her for six years as the wife of his churchwarden. Mrs LININGTON was not only active in the work of that church but identified herself with everything which concerned the welfare and benefit of her fellow creatures. She occupied herself in doing good deeds, eminently so for the advancement of the interests of that church. They were present to show the affection and esteem with which she was regarded. They would miss her sorely and they felt deeply with Capt LININGTON in his tragic loss. "Abide with me" was sung at the close, and the cortege, followed by most of the congregation, wended its way up the hillside to the burial ground, where the Vicar read the committal sentences.

The mourners deposited sprigs of lavender on the coffin, which bore the inscription: "Amelia Elizabeth Linington, died September 20th, 1934, aged 70 years." The grave was lined with ivy and chrysanthemums. The mourners were Capt LININGTON (husband), Capt and Mrs A B COOKE and Mrs F R FRANCIS (nephew and nieces), Miss Muriel LININGTON, Mrs S BURDEN, Mrs W WALKER, Mrs F BEAVIS, and Miss J BEAVIS (nieces), Mr and Mrs J LININGTON and Mr and Mrs E CARLEY (nephews and nieces), Mr and Mrs Maurice FRYE, Mr James LININGTON (Atherfield), Mr John LININGTON (Chale), and Miss M LININGTON (cousins), Mr and Mrs KEPPELWHITE (nephew and niece), Mrs TITCHBOURNE (niece), Miss B NORTON, Mrs PLUMBLEY, the Rev C L ARNOLD, Mrs and Miss LOCKE, Mrs E BUCKNALL. Mrs SPENCER, Mr G MANSFIELD, Mr Eddie LININGTON, and Nurse SAYERS. Among those present were Messrs W T COLLINS, secretary, and D P WHEELER, treasurer (representing the I.W. Bowling Association), Arthur CHILDS, C E BAKER, and W H HARRIS (representing the Ventnor Bowling Club), Capt H A DRUDGE and Mr E H PUSEY (representing the I.W. Conservative and Unionist Association), Mr W J BIDDLECOMBE (representing the Ventnor British Legion Club and branch), Bro H Nelson PAYNE (representing the Chine Lodge of Freemasons and the Yarborough Lodge Chapter), the following brethren of Yarborough Lodge, the Rev W H MARSHALL, W J NEWNHAM, P FACEY, W H LAWLER, L E PITT, H L WARNE, James CORBOULD, F WHEELER (Parkhurst), W F GRANT, W ROWNTREE, B W RUSSELL, E MORGAN, and F H SHEPPARD, Mr S WHITE (representing the Ventnor Conservative Club), Mrs J H DESMOND (representing Wroxall Council Schools), Mr C LANE (representing Wroxall High-street Methodist Church), Mr W A WRIGHT (representing the Shanklin Bowling Club), the chairman, Mr P C GUSTERSON, the clerk, Mr James WEARING, and the following members of the Ventnor District Council, Messrs R W TUDDENHAM, J W BAKER, C F MARTIN, and G W GROVER, Dr J POLLOCK WILLIAMSON, the Rev Harry PARSONS, Mrs W B JUDD, Mr J H BROWN J.P. C.C., Lieut-Col W GUILD J.P. C.C., Mr T M BAILEY (Birmingham), an old friend of Capt and Mrs LININGTON, Messrs H LEWIS, Thomas BRADING, Ernest LONG, G and S ORCHARD, B S RACKETT, R RUSSELL, Alfred HEARN, G H CHANNON, and C F LOCKYER (representing the Ventnor Allotment and Horticultural Association), W H JEFFERIES, F J ROLF, and W BLAKE, Mesdames R PEEL, C E BAKER, B W RUSSELL, E MORGAN, COLLEY, LANE, ROACH, R RUSSELL, BOOKER, MORRIS, WHEELER, W J NEWNHAM, SPANNER, A WALLIS, DOWNER, and WHATLEY, the Misses WADMORE, HEARN, SHEPPARD, and E TRUEMAN, and Mr and Mrs Frank HOLLIS.

Mr F W SENIOR (organist of St Alban's, Ventnor) deputised in the unavoidable absence of Miss Grace HEARN, and played "O rest in the Lord" as the congregation assembled and "Angels ever bright and fair" at the close of the service.

The seating of the congregation was carried out by Mr E S WHATLEY (people's warden) and Mr W H SPANNER (secretary of the Parochial Church Council), who acted for Capt LININGTON (vicar's warden).

Mr Percy LANE was the undertaker and the following employees of Capt LININGTON were bearers: Messrs C NIBLETT, G CHIVERTON, L RUSSELL, and G HAYWARD.

The floral tributes were exceedingly beautiful, and numerous among them were wreaths from the Ventnor District Council; St John's Church, Wroxall; I.W. County Bowling Association; I.W. Conservative and Unionist Association; Yarborough Lodge of Freemasons (551); principals and companions, Yarborough Chapter; Ventnor Bowling Club; officers and committee, Ventnor Conservative Association; Ventnor Conservative Club; and the Ventnor branch of the British Legion.


Funeral of Henry Augustus James LININGTON

(aka Capt. Henry LININGTON)

At Wroxall, IOW on Thursday, Feb 26, 1942

Extract from report in a local newspaper

Saturday, Feb 28, 1942

Capt Henry Linington (1861-1942)

Please note, the following is an extract of the full obituary as reported in the press listing the principal mourners at the funeral. To read the full obituary or find out more about Henry Linington, click here.

The mourners were Mr C E LININGTON (brother), Mrs M A C WALKER (niece), Mr A J A LININGTON (nephew), Mesdames F BEAVIS, F BURDEN, and KIBBLEWHITE, the Misses E and M LININGTON and Mrs JACOBS (nieces), Mr E CARLEY (nephew), Mr J LININGTON, Chale (cousin), Miss LININGTON, Atherfield, Capt. A COOKE, Mrs YOUNG, Mr E LININGTON, Mr B WALKER, Miss J KEEN, Mr S BURDEN, Mrs J LININGTON, Mr A BEAVIS, Mrs and Miss P CARLEY, Mr and Mrs H NEWBERY, and Mr W WALKER. The Masonic brethren attending were Bros. H NELSON PAYNE (Provincial Grand Lodge), L A REED (WM), W HAYDEN LAWLER (secretary), B W RUSSELL, H L WARNE, B BOOTH, D M M RODGER, P W ROUSELL, W R RAEBURN, H HOLDEN, C H NEWITT, W J KNIGHT, G HIBBERD, W G JERMY, W and R NEWNHAM, A DYER, J BARBER, R BARNETT, L BAKER, L J KEEN, H BAXTER, W R FLAVELL, P FACEY, G B WHEELER, E MORGAN, Comdr. R PRESTON, and G K NASH (Yarborough 551), T PETHICK ( Ryde 698), H H TOOGOOD (WM) and R C GOULD (Chine 1884), W E YOUNG (WM), A ORCHARD (secretary), A WHEWAY, and E C HART (Sandown 1869). The County Bowling Association was represented by ? G WEBB (president), Mr W T ?OLLINS, JP (secretary), and Mr S ??LLY (also representing Mr E H DAY, immediate past president). Others represented were Mr L R YOUNG (Ventnor Conservative Club), Lieut.-Col. A E MAYES (British Legion, Ventnor), Messrs T MILLS and S W BAILEY (British Legion, Wroxall), Mr W J BAKER (Messrs FLUX and Sons), Mr R TURNER (Messrs A SHARP and Company, Newport), Messrs H E and J H BLUNDELL (Messrs BRADING and BLUNDELL, Shanklin), Messrs T and G BRADING (Messrs T BRADING and Sons, Ventnor), Mr G H R INGRAM (Messrs INGRAM and Son, Ventnor), Mrs J H DESMOND (Wroxall School), Mr O W BENNETT (Southern Railway), Mr W R EASTWOOD (Messrs W DIBBENS and Sons, Southampton), Messrs W WILFORD (president), A CHILDS (hon. secretary), R RANBY (hon. auditor), J SANDERS, A F SIEBERT, and E W SMITH (Ventnor Bowling Club), Fireman S SCOTT and C W COLEMAN (National Fire Service, Ventnor), Staff Officer J BLOWER (London Fire Service), the Rev. H H CORYTON, Ald. A J SHARPE, JP, Mr W F S WILKINSON, Mr E C COOPER, Mr BRIDGER BLAKE, Mr and Mrs A E WALLIS, Mrs W TYLER, Mrs H WALLIS, Mr F WHITE, Mr and Mrs W T HOLDAWAY, Mr C NIBLETT, Mr S WHATELY, Mrs W JEFFERIES, Mr R JEFFERY, Mr F SMITH, Mrs P LANE, Mr G GUTTERIDGE, Mr and Mrs W SPANNER, Miss FOSTER, Mr G GROVER, Mrs G RUSSELL, Mrs ALLINOR, Mr E COOPER (Shanklin), Mr J W MILLIGAN, Mrs A DOWNER, Mr A E PAYNE, Lieut. and Mrs H J MAWSON, Mrs ORCHARD, Capt. LOCKE, Mrs BARBER, Mr A BURNETT, Mr J WHILLIER, Mrs KEMP, Mr A J GRIFFIN (Newchurch Charities) and Mrs GRIFFIN, Mr F J ROLF, Mrs S W BAILEY, Mrs ASH, Mr W A WRIGHT (sub-postmaster), Mr L BOXALL, Mrs WHATLEY, Mrs PEARN, Miss SCOTCH, Mr J H LININGTON (Newport), Mr F W FOWLER, Miss HOLLIS (representing Mrs HOLLIS), Mrs L A D WOODLAND, Mrs G CHIVERTON, Mr E ORCHARD, Mrs J Tenniel, Mr G H KING, and Mr A G WATERTON. The choice flowers included tokens from the Vicar, churchwarden, and Church Council; Yarborough Lodge; East Medina Chapter 175; Yarborough Royal Arch Chapter, 551; Ventnor Conservative Club; County Bowling Association; Ventnor Bowling Club; the committee of the Soldiers and Sailors Families Association; and a tribute inscribed "In memory of the best of employers, from his employees." The arrangements were ably carried out by Mr P LANE, who has been in Capt. LININGTON'S employ for 21 years. Mr C E BAKER (chairman of the Ventnor Conservative Club), Mr S A KOSZELSKI (Ventnor), and Mr Malcolm OSBORNE (Ryde), were unavoidably prevented from attending.


Funeral of Charles Edmund LININGTON

At Wroxall, IOW on Thursday, Sep 26, 1946

As reported in the Isle of Wight Mercury

Friday, Oct 4, 1946

Charles Edmund Linington (1856-1946)

There was a very large attendance of villagers at the funeral on Thursday week at the Parish Church of Mr Charles Edmund LININGTON, who died on the previous Monday in his 91st year. The Vicar (Rev. L A D WOODLAND) officiated, Mrs WATERTON was organist and the 23rd Psalm and two hymns were sung, with the Nunc Dimittis as the mourners left the church. These were Mr John LININGTON (son), Mrs A BEAVIS, Mrs B POLLARD, Mrs W WALKER, Misses E and M LININGTON (daughters), Mr Edwin LININGTON, Mrs S ALLEN, Mrs H NEWBURY and Mr Wm. WALKER (grandchildren), Mrs M BURDEN, Mrs S TITCHBOURNE, Mrs H CHILDS, Mrs E RENDALL (nieces), Mr E CARLEY (nephew), Mrs BROWN, Mrs YOUNG and Mr J H BROWN, of Chale (cousins), Mrs John LININGTON (daughter-in-law), Messrs A BEAVIS, B POLLARD and W WALKER (sons-in-law), Mr S ALLEN, Mr H NEWBURY and Mrs W WALKER. Among others present were Messrs G H MANSFIELD, COOPER (Shanklin), EASTWOOD (Ryde) and L ALLEN (Lake), great friends of the deceased; Mrs RAEBURN, Mrs A WALLIS (representing Mr A WALLIS), Mr G H KING (A O Foresters), Mr and Mrs A J GRIFFIN, Messrs G ROACH, W BAKER, B LEWIS, B BUNCE, D MILLS, G ORCHARD, H ARNOLD, A G WATERTON, C and A LANE, OLPHERT, W WRIGHT, F FOWLER, HULL, Capt LOCKE, A MORRIS, EASTWOOD; Mesdames LOCKE, P LANE, F KEMP, WOODLAND, G RINGER, NASH, H ARNOLD, H WALLIS, F SALTER, A TIPPLE, J DESMOND, B RACKETT, H BAKER, Mr and Mrs F WHITE, Mr and Mrs G WRIGHT, Mr and Mrs A H BLAKE, Mr and Mrs G BARTER, the Misses DENHAM, B COOPER, NORDEN, LEARNER, WADMORE, MILES, FORSTER, D LOCKE, ROGERS, E ROBINSON, General STONE, Mr and Mrs W HOLDAWAY. There were over 40 beautiful floral tributes, which included one from the tennants of Florence Cottages. Mr Percy LANE was the undertaker.

Funeral of James CHILDS

At Ventnor, IOW on Friday, Jul 8, 1927

As reported in the Isle of Wight Mercury

Friday, Jul 15, 1927

James Childs (1842-1927)

The funeral of Mr James Childs, whose death we reported in our last issue, took place last Friday afternoon. The internment at Ventnor Cemetery was preceded by a service at the United Methodist Church, of which deceased was the oldest member and an office-bearer of many years' standing. The Rev T B POPE was the officiating minister and Mr Stanley YOUNG presided at the organ. There was a representative congregation present, including the Chairman of the Ventnor Council (Mr B W RUSSELL), Councillors A J SHARPE, CC, J NEWNHAM, P W BAGWELL, A DAVIS and W H HARRIS, Mr W R MAYBEE (Rating Officer), Mr A F BARTLETT (Church Secretary), Mr H J COOPER (Circuit Secretary, Sandown), Rev W MELVILLE HARRIS, Mr J SANDERS and Mr A BAYLY (representing Ventnor Town Mission), Rev J N ROOTHAM, Messrs P JENKIN, R VINCE, C W COOPER, W H RAYNES, Mrs Arthur WOODS, Mrs T B POPE, Mrs W COOPER and Miss COOPER, Mrs CARLEY, Mrs R BANNISTER, Mr and Mrs F WHEELER, Mr and Mrs C NICHOLAS, Mr I NICHOLAS, Miss K NICHOLAS, Mrs CAVE, Miss E DENNIS, Mrs J WHEELER, Mrs RENDALL, Mr R S TUDDENHAM, Mrs E COOPER, Mrs D PHILLIPS, Mr L WRIGHT, Mr W HURLL and others.

There was a large attendance of Rechabites, including the following members of the I W District Executive, I O R: Bros F HAYWARD, DCR, A PRICE, DDR, J G FLETCHER, PDCR, E SEARLE, DSJT, S RAMAGE, DS, F J HOLLIS and A STAINER, Dist Trustees, A E GRAIMES, Dist Examiner, C GUTTRIDGE and G H MORRIS, PDCR's. Local Tent representatives were Bros Arthur WOODS (Secretary), O E KINGSWELL, C H NEWBERY, H KINGSWELL, A HOWELL, E SKATES, A V MARSHALL, C W VINE, W H LAKE, E HARBER & W DOVE.

The mourners were Mr Arthur CHILDS (son), Misses N & L CHILDS (daughters), Mr H CHILDS (brother), Mrs A CHILDS (daughter-in-law), Mr Reginald CHILDS (grandson), Miss VINCE and Mr H A COOPER. The hymns sung were "Jesu, lover of my soul," and "Brief life is here our portion."

In the course of a brief address, the Rev T B POPE said they were met there that day not only as sympathisers in a domestic sorrow and loss but as sharers in a common loss. The stroke which had removed the head of a family had also deprived that church of one of its most loyal and devoted members. It was the expressed desire of the family that that service should be of a brief character and one felt constrained to respect a wish of that kind, but he would like, in a few sentences, to express the grateful appreciation they had - and it dwelt deeply in their hearts - of the services so faithfully rendered to that church through a long life. James Childs was the oldest member of that church; he believed he was there at its very foundation, and that association had lasted throughout all these years. He had been tireless in his service, had given without stint of his best, and next to his own home that church was, he believed, the dearest place on earth to him. Though during latter years he was denied the privilege of meeting there in common fellowship and worship, to the end he was keenly interested in the church, and if one wanted to get quite close to his heart one had only to talk about the church he loved. It was the centre of his thought, and the church was the poorer because he was no longer in their midst. It was not for him (the speaker) to attempt any appraisement of the life and character of their departed brother, nor of his long years of service in many directions in the town and the Island generally. The representative company there that afternoon expressed that better than he could express it, but on theirs and his own behalf he would like to express sympathy with those whose sense of loss was keenest and sharpest, together with the prayer that in their loneliness and sorrow they would feel the nearness and presence of Him whom their departed friend had served so long and so faithfully.

As the cortege left the church the organist played "O Rest in the Lord."

Several gathered at the graveside when the committal was read by the Rev T B POPE. Bro SEARLE (district Juvenile Superintendent) read the Rechabites' service. There were several beautiful wreaths, etc, of which the following is a list:-
     In loving memory of our dear father, from his daughters Nellie and Lucy.
     In loving memory of "Dad" and "Grandpa" from Grace, Art, and the children.



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